Laser Dentistry

Gum Treatment

Treating pockets, gingival and bone infection with laser energy ensures elimination of bacteria and other agents responsible for gum problems reducing the need for surgical treatment, and allowing better healing and control of advanced gum deceases.

Aesthetic Gum Contouring

Reshaping the outline of your gum to reduce a gummy smile or to help better adaptation of gum tissues to receive veneers, crowns and bridges has been made easy, fast and precise using the dental laser without bleeding and with faster healing.


With the Waterlase laser, we can clean, disinfect and prepare your teeth for restoration in a fast, precise and comfortable way and with little or need for anesthetic shots.

Root Canal Treatment

The laser energy insures 99.9% disinfection of prepared root canals providing high success rate for your root canal treatment.

Joint Pain Therapy (TMJ)

Soft laser energy is used to promote better circulation and stimulate the regenerative power of the cells of the joint helping in eliminating the pain of the joints.


Soft laser bleaching is a fast and comfortable alternative to regular bleaching. It will brighten your teeth efficiently, faster without sensitivity or pain.